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Travis Wheeler

Travis is an Assosciate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Montana. He’s been developing computational methods for addressing biological (mostly genomics) questions and data for more than 20 years, yet is regularly reminded by the talented folks in his lab that there is an awful lot he doesn’t know.


University of Montana
    Department of Computer Science
    Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology (Associated faculty)
    Biochemistry (Affiliate)
LBNL / Joint Genome Institute (Affiliate)


(alphabetical order)


BS, Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, 1995
PhD, Computer Science, University of Arizona, 2009
Postdoc, Sean Eddy, HHMI, Janelia Research Campus, 2009-2014

Me looking serious in front of the UM clock tower
The worst place to live…

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