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Terrill Yuhas

Terrill joined the Wheeler lab in April of 2023. He has a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona and an MBA (focus in Technology Management) from the University of Phoenix.

Working in smaller shops, he had to pick up on all types of computing technology and programming methods. In these environments there was a noticeable lack of the protective layer between him and users as well as management. He has had to learn their ways in order to survive. This allowed him to develop the delicate balance of the trade’s well-known rudeness and arrogance with enough understanding of humanity to provide a solution they will actually use.

Having to consistently wear slacks and socks steered him away from corporate life Forget about wearing an actual uniform. He saw the role of government as one with a lopsided focus on unintentionally prolonging the question rather than hunting for solutions. Where could he go? Academic research turned out to be the perfect combination of wearing sandals with the pursuit of solving the Universe’s mysteries.

Outside of the digital octagon you will find him puttering around the house listening to 80’s hair or symphonic metal while working on a project gleaned from a YouTube video. His oddness is supported by Rene’ and their crew of cats, dog, and tortoise.

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