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Rudra Pokhrel

Rudramani Pokhrel is a computational researcher with a background in multi-omics data analysis, data integration, and pipeline development. Rudra holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Computational Biophysics from Florida International University.

He has extensive research experience in cancer and other infectious diseases from his current role as a Computational Researcher IV (Bioinformaticist) at the Department of Immunobiology, University of Arizona, and his previous position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Rudra’s technical skills encompass the analysis of transcriptomics, genomics, metabolomics, and clinical data using statistical and machine learning methods. Rudra’s expertise also includes molecular modeling, molecular dynamics simulation, and drug design/repurposing using physics-based, statistical, and deep learning methods. He has a keen interest in single-cell transcriptomics, genomics and epigenetics.

Social/Academic Profile

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