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NINJA is software for inferring large-scale neighbor-joining phylogenies.

According to benchmark tests, at the time of release, NINJA is the fastest available tool for computing correct neighbor-joining phylogenies for inputs of more than 10,000 sequences. It is more than 10x faster than the fastest implementation of the canonical neighbor-joining algorithm (QuickTree). Details of the software are available in a paper appearing at WABI 2009 (see link below).

NINJA is also released as a Mesquite package. See details here.

URL of this page     http://wheelerlab.org/software/ninja
Terms of Use LGPL
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Citation Wheeler, T.J. 2009. Large-scale neighbor-joining with NINJA. In S.L. Salzberg and T. Warnow (Eds.), Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics. WABI 2009, pp. 375-389. Springer, Berlin. (LNCS webpage,preprint)
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